Visiting Original Hitty

Making Big Hitty
Arriving on GCI
Touring GCI

Big Hitty Visits Original Hitty
in Stockbridge, Massachusetts

photos courtesy of Wini Smart & Bruce Komusin

14 to 17 Sept. 2006 - Big Hitty was invited to make a guest appearance at the "All this, and Hitty too" seminar presented by the Stockbridge Library Association, in Stockbridge, Massachusetts this weekend.

The first two photos show her traveling on Thursday from Great Cranberry Island to Northeast Harbor, Maine on the Beal & Bunker Mail Boat.  Bruce Komusin is sitting immediately to her left.

In the next three photos, Big Hitty waits at the dock in Northeast Harbor while Wini Smart gets her car from the parking lot.  Big Hitty stayed Thursday night with Wini in Northeast Harbor.  Next day, we started the trip at 9 a.m.  Wini studies the map at a rest stop on the way.

We got to the Massachusetts Welcome Center, and then finally to Stockbridge around 5 p.m.  Just for this event, Original Hitty was brought upstairs from the basement archival room to the library, and photos of her were allowed.  Big Hitty and Original Hitty pose together, and then Big Hitty admires her little friend's clothing and furniture.

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