Indentures of Smith E. Spurling by Overseers of the Poor of Cranberry Isles

This indenture witnesseth that we William P Preble George W Bulger
& Samuel S Bunker Overseers of the Poor of the Town of Cranberry
Isles County of Hancock & State of Maine by virtue of a law
of this state in such cases made & provided have put and
placed and by these presents do put place and bind out
Smith E Spurling a poor child the son of Lucy R Spurling
then of this town as a servant or apprentice to learn the
art of fishing & farming to Samuel B Gilley of the said town
of Cranberry Isles. The said Smith E Spurling after the
manner of an apprentice to dwell with & serve the said
Samuel B Gilley from the day of the date hereof until
___________________________ at which
time the said apprentice if he shall be living will be
_____ years of age and the said Samuel B Gilley on
his part doth hereby promise covenant and agree to teach
and instruct him the said apprentice or cause him to be taught
and instructed in said art or calling of Farmer & Fisherman
by the best way or means he can and also to teach and inst
ruct the said apprentice or cause him to read write
and cipher if said apprentice be capable to learn.
In testimony whereof the said parties have to this and
one other indenture of the same tenure and date Interch
angably set their hands and Seals the _____ day of ______
in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and
eighty five.

Signed Sealed & delivered
in presence of us