Report of the Overseers of the Poor of the
Town of Cranberry Isles for the current year of 1867

Your Overseers of the Poor would respectfully report that
on or about the 14th day of Dec 1867 Wm. P Pung come
before the overseers of the Poor and there made a statement
that his family was in a state of suffering for food and
required immediate relief  he Mr Pung was furnished a small
supply and as soon as was practicable your overseers called
at his house and found them in very needy circumstances
we then called a town meeting expressly on his account
and he was duly supplied with necessaries until the town
took his case under consideration and at a legal meet
ing the town voted to furnish Mr Pung with supplies for
the support of his family not to exceed four dollars per
week until the annual meeting in March 1868  your assessors
have furnished the supplies required by said vote
you also instructed your overseers to try and
obtain places for the children where they can be
provided for which duty we have taken special pains
to perform and would respectfully say that in regard to
Alonzo Pung Mr Spurling was on the island and out of sympathy
to the boy said he would take him on trial and see if he
could do any thing with him and if he could he would keep
him but would not have him bound to him

and in regard to the other children will say that Mr John
Gilley has had the mother under consideration of taking one
of the boys and we are in hopes he will take john

the other boy Mr John L Brown has agreed to take and
as to the girl have to say that we have not found any
encouragement from any one to take her but hope some one
of the citizens will consider it duty to take her and
try to provide for her and if they do she may be come a useful
member of society and perhaps prove a blessing to them by so
doing. All of which is respectfully submitted

dated at Cranberry Isles Feb 29th 1868
William P Preble                 overseers of the poor
Enoch B Stanley
George N Spurling


And there has been expended on acct of
William P Pung as per the vote of Town for supplies
to March 2nd. 1868 the sum of $48.07